Since part of what Cuff Booth-Ross aims to do is to educate our readers, we hope that you can help us by writing side-by-side with us.We believe that with the right push, businesses will eventually understand how important it is to have professionals deal with the crucial aspects of a business.

What We Expect You to Do

What We Expect You to Do - Write for Us

Since we can’t offer you much, we hope that we can at least give you experience and allow you to attend some informative training and attend conferences.This way, we can ensure that the information we provide is legit and the article we come up has a thought flow that is well-arranged.


Training is important because we understand that even though you may know how to write, there are still things that you need to work on. The training will help you become a better writer and maybe encourage you to pursue a career in the future.


In order to ensure that the knowledge we have is up to date, writers should be able to attend conferences. Since the world is continuously evolving in different aspects, keeping up with it could help our business partners do better as well.

What You Will Write

What You Will Write - Write for Us

Basically, what we want you to write about is how hard it can be venturing into a business and making it work. In addition, we need to make people understand that working with a professional could drastically improve their position.

What We Hope to Achieve

What We Hope to Achieve - Write for Us

With the articles that we are going to produce, we are hoping that we can do the following:

Help You Choose Right

Since we have quite a number of business partners who can help our readers with their problems, we can help them narrow down their choices. Our articles should contain some kind of guide or tips that will make the screening process easier.

Financial Freedom for Clients

If done right, we are hoping that our clients will be able to achieve financial freedom through the help of our partners.Not only that, we aim to get them running for a long time and generate the ROI that they deserve.

We hope that with our resolve and your interest, we can work things out together for the betterment of businesses.Don’t hesitate to talk to us in case you have some things to ask or if you want to commit.